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fashionable girl from holland - studying employee product presentation at de rooi pannen in Tilburg - crazy about beautiful people!



okay, i dont know why, but i just adore twitter.
maybe because not everybody has it, but its also cool, because you can watch people all over the world and what they are doing.. And i like it to explore the activities of other people, so this is why im talking about it.. hihi stupidness'

wanna follow me on twitterr??

one love -xo

why do i have to work...?!

okay, today is so stupid.. i was sick in this whole week.. at first i cant stand it when i have to lay on the cauch during the day.. and its boring. My mom said; "Your not going to school when youre sick!" Hhmmm, well okay.. but i do have to work, and im still feelin sick! omg i just dont like it, I have to stand there in the stupid shop, and sell clothes that i don't even like, but i have to think about the moneyyyyy. BUT I STILL LOVE MY MOMMY SHE IS MY WORLD! hihi,
talk ta ya tommorooooow.

lovess xo



o mijn god, als dat waar zou zijn dat ik even dikke money had, dan wist ik allaaaang wat ik zou gaan halen hier komt het geweldige lijstje hihi ;

Circle Sleeve Smock Dress £75.00 - Ponte Tulip Dress £35.00 - SPIRAL Cross Over Shoes £65.00 - Dell inspiron mini €279.- - Book House of Versace €27.99 via



wanneer er in de maand de letter r zit, heeft bijna iedereen zakdoekjes nodig.
bleeeeh ik heb er zo'n hekel aan om ziek te zijn, maarja vandaag heb ik wel eindelijk de tijd om is mijn kast op te ruimen..
nja, eigenlijk weet ik toch wel dat ik er niet veel zin in heb, maar goed.

today's inspiration:

omgaaaaaaaaaaaad ALLIE CRANDELL, she is so perfect i fucking love her.

see ya tomorrow! xoxo



I just love this picture...

Hello partypeople!
this is the first start of my new blog.
so im gonna introduce myself to all of you;

well, my name is Sharron Hoffmans, and im a 15 year old girl from the netherlands.
i have this hugeeee love for fashion, and everything what comes down with it.
i dont know how to discribe my style, but its not that standard H&M style,
and im not sain that i dont buy stuff at H&M, but i just give it my own flavour.
i also love the city paris, but i have never been to it, so thats like my number 1 dream haha.
i text all of you later..


Everyone says that love hurts, but thats not true.
Loneliness hurts. Losing someone hurts. Rejection hurts.
Everyone confuse these things with love.
But in reality, love is the only thing in this world,
that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.